The Abortionist

About Us

The Abortionist is the UK’s first satirical online publication dedicated to satirising the unconscionable genocide of unborn children through abortion. We launched in January 2021.

Our Story

The Abortionist was started by a small group of friends in 2020 desperate to shine a light on the UK abortion industry. For decades the abortion industry has operated with impunity in the UK, utilising its brilliant PR machine, to create and surf a wave of misguided public approval. Serious attempts to challenge it in the UK have so far failed to pierce it’s armadillo scales, or undermine the bogus reasoning that fuels its industrial killing.

The Abortionist takes as its inspiration  the role of satire in forcing King Leopold of the Belgians to relinquish his fiefdom the Congo Free State in 1908, where he used slave labour and terror to harvest ivory and rubber. The cruelty of his regime resulted in the deaths of at least 10 million Congolese people. How did he get away with it? Leopold used an efficient PR machine to cloak the crimes against humanity perpetrated in his name claiming that he was bringing ‘civilisation’, ‘free trade’ and even ‘Christianity’ to the Congo. The well oiled propaganda of abortion providers such as Marie Stopes and BPAS also cloak their crimes in the name of ‘health care’, ‘sexual reproductive rights’ and ‘choice’.

The Power of Parody and Satire

From ancient times to the modern day, parody and satire have long been used to expose injustice and cause people to think in a new way. In Biblical times Nathan used parody to challenge the adultery and murder of King David. Jesus too, used vivid and lucid metaphors to expose the religious hypocrisy of his day. More recent examples of UK printed satire include Punch and Private Eye. Both of these publications, whilst being entertaining, have at points played a pivotal roles in exposing institutionalised injustice, changing public opinion in the process.

Mission Statement

To change the way the nation thinks about abortion using satire