The Abortionist

Abortionist Idioms For Such A Time As This


Dear Editor,

With all the excitement and enthusiasm over DIY home abortions, I thought of these new on – trend idioms for such a time as this:

Home is where your abortion is
An Englishman’s home is his abortuary
Home sweet abortion
To be abortion homesick
To home in on your abortion
No there’s no place like home for an abortion
Coming home to abort
My abortion has come home to roost
Take your abortion home with you
Keep the home fires burning for your abortion
A mother’s place is in the home with abortion
Abortion is a home truth
Home and dry and having an abortion
Abortion begins at home
Abortion is something to write home about
Abortion is my home away from home
Abortion is my homework

You could offer a fiver for every new entry! Happy abortion thoughts!

Yours truly,

Mrs A. Bitter-Pill