The Abortionist

“Stroud’s cognitive dissonance will send Lords mad.”, says Mengele

Albert Itchkrul

An amendment has been put forward to the Domestic Abuse Bill to protect ‘babies’ even in utero from the effects of abuse. Professor Mengele, medical consultant to ‘The Abortionist’ is concerned about cognitive dissonance among members of the House of Lords.

“Cognitive dissonance, holding two contradictory opinions at the same time, can lead to confusion, stress and bad decision making.” Professor Mengele noted.

Their lordships have been given assurances that the amendment will in no way interfere with a woman’s right to abort her ‘baby’.

Baroness Stroud (pictured above) told the House of Lords that “Noble Lords have raised whether these amendments could give opportunity to those wanting to reignite the debate around ‘abortion’.” Baroness Stroud added, “I have listened carefully to these arguments, as this is not the intention of this amendment.”

Professor Mengele has posed the question: “How long can the Lords hold these opposing ideas at the same time without going mad?