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Government’s Barmy Consultation on Abortion Pills to End Soon

Sonia De-Previty

The government’s consultation on home use of both pills for early medical abortion (mifepristone and misoprostol) up to 10 weeks gestation on closes at 23:59 on 26 February 2021 – thank goodness!

This waste of time and money should be flushed down the toilet, along with the babies that these abortion pills so humanely kill.

Confirmed: Sir Edward Leigh picture not a Gainsborough

It is bad enough that Tory MP Conservative Tory MP, Sir Edward Leigh, seems to be getting all hot and bothered about foetuses being consigned to our sewers. Perhaps his hot flush is due to the male menopause or a severe case of ‘man-flu’. Having a full-blown government consultation is a criminal waste of resources. It is good to see that this consultation will soon be terminated,

The rats won’t go hungry, but they might get a lot fatter. Haha!

Leigh, the MP for Gainsborough (who is certainly no oil painting) had the gall to ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, whether domestic waste companies and sewage treatment services were consulted before the approval of home use of both abortion pills in March 2020. What a barmy question. Of course not! Doesn’t he know that the sewers are designed for human bodily waste? What is a fetus, if not human waste? Duh!