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Abortion Video Will Keep Both Parents and Children Sane

Sonia De-Previty

A recent Forbes Magazine article has successfully argued that video games are keeping both children and adults sane during the Covid pandemic.  At The Abortionist we agree.  Furthermore, the best example of a sanity preserving video game is the brilliant Doom Fetito (Little Foetus Doom) created by the heroic Argentinian pro-abortionist Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez.

Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez

We must, as senior Forbes contributor Paul Tassi states, “recognize games for the positive benefits they’ve brought us in this extremely hard time.”  

The positive benefits this awesome Doom Fetito (Little Foetus Doom) video game is bringing are immeasurable: targeted aggression; desensitisation to killing innocent vulnerable human beings; children quiet and entertained for hours; abortionist indoctrination not necessary (the video games brainwashes wonderfully); the power of the strong over the weak proved in a fun way – “Might is right!”, as we all know.

Game on abortionists; for the sake of your sanity!