The Abortionist

Speech Isn’t Free, If It Costs Safe Spaces

Albert Itchkrul

The British Abortion Advisory Service (BAAS) have decried the government’s plan to introduce a new free speech czar for universities, after anti-abortionist group, the Alliance of Pro-Life Students (pictured above), claimed that over 71.9% of pro-life students have faced situations in lectures or seminars where they felt they could not air their views.

A spokesman for BAAS said, “Universities are pregnancy hotspots, the condition spreads through colleges like a viral disease. If any safe place should exist for women wanting an abortion it should be the university campus.  It is outrageous and draconian for the government to want to allow free speech, and thus remove the safe space that women have a right to have during their university years.  Free speech isn’t free if it costs safe spaces for women seeking abortions.”

Under the new government plans free speech may become mandatory for the registration of higher education establishments.  Abortionist activist, Elizabeth Borden, commented, “Where’s the freedom in forcing free speech on universities?  Universities should have the right to choose.”