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Could Largest UK Abortion Provider BPAS Merge With The BBC?

Sophie Clamp

Media insiders are asking “Will BPAS and the BBC form a new ultra abortion/communication service?”

Minutes after BBC Women’s hour opened an informal consultation into killing babies at home, also known as “having more control”,  the head of BPAS trumpeted “It’s BPAS vision in a nutshell!” 

This sudden realisation of total uniformity could lead to successful merger or joint-venture talks between the two organisations, it has been suggested.

“They [the BBC] want to remove needless barriers to killing children at home” said Clair Murphy, “so do we, it’s a no brainer!”  A spokesperson from the BBC added “BPAS and the BBC have enjoyed an incredibly close relationship, we effectively do the others work! What began as flatmates years ago, progressed to soul mates and now its only fitting we take the next step. I guess you can say this isn’t so much a merger, as giving birth to a child”.

The British Broadcasting Pregnancy Advisory Communications Service (BBPACS) could be born as early as November 2021, after the normal gestation period – provided it is not aborted by Ofcom.