The Abortionist

Comrade Huq Wants Big Walls!

Lucy Forr

Our great leader Comrade in Chief, Dr Rupa Huq MP, is ordering the building of massive walls around every abortion clinic in the UK.

Clicking her heels, she triumphantly announced that she was taking her inspiration from great leaders of the past: Emperor Qin Shi Huang who built the Great Wall of China, the Roman Emperor Hadrian who built Hadrian’s wall and the German Democratic Republic who built the Berlin Wall.

“Of course my walls will be bigger than any of them, 20 foot high, topped with shards of glass, barbed wire and 6 feet thick – to stop any pesky prayers from the peaceful vigils from seeping into the clinics. I’ll prevent the daily harassment and intimidation of women being offered help to keep their babies.”

Now that’s real choice! Three cheers for our great leader Comrade Huq.