The Abortionist

Call To Ban Artificial Wombs

Albert Itchkrul

Leading leading actresses and fashion models have been rejoicing at last week’s news that Isreali scientists have succesfully created artificial wombs for mice and (possibly) men (humans – as opposed to the male of the species).

One leading model said, “I’ve always known that I am “too posh to push”, but to now be able to “dump the bump” and still be a mum is fantastic! I suppose it will also mean that I won’t have to abort any of my unwanted pregnancies. Cool!”

However, Professor Mengele of the Dr Mengele School of Fetal Research has called upon the UK goverment to ban artificial wombs immediately. Dr Mengele said, “We need an immediate ban on this technology. We already have far too much artificial stuff in the world: artifical limbs, artificial flavouring, artificial intelligence and now they want to introduce artificial wombs – this cannot be allowed to happen.”

Meanwhile, author and abortion supporter, Jenny Kleeman, warned in her new book Sex Robots & Vegan Meat: Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex and Death: “If unwanted babies could be “rescued” by technology… Why should a mother be able to decide to terminate an unwanted baby if an artificial womb can save its life?”

Good point Jenny, but please don’t let the Pro-Lifers know.