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Dismay as another Pro-Life political party stands for Greater London Assembly

Ernest Lies

A political pro-life party seeking to restore “a ethic across health and social care” is fielding candidates in the Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections.

The Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) who claim in their GLA ‘Faith Not Fear’ Manifesto that, “All care services should always seek to cure and alleviate suffering, but never kill, and such practices as abortion and euthanasia, whether by act of omission, as well as being wrong in themselves, always corrupt the medical culture and sap the will of society to care for the vulnerable.”

Christian Peoples Alliance

Abortionists have reacted with dismay at the news that the CPA are contesting the GLA elections. A spokesperson for the British Abortion Advisory Service (BAAS) said, “This is the problem with democracy – practically anyone can stand for political office.”

“Surely these people can see that the best cure and means of alleviating suffering is death. It’s so obvious. When you’re dead suffering ends.”

A BAAS spokesperson said, “As an industry, abortionists alleviate and prevent millions of babies from long term suffering every year. Surely, this should please the Christian Peoples Alliance!”