The Abortionist

Kurten for Mayor! Could mean ‘Curtains!’ for abortionists

Abe Orton

What a nightmare it would be to have a pro-life Mayor of London.

The Heritage Party, along with its policies to make London safe again, defend free speech, end the war on motorists and support Black Cabs, are a Pro-Life party!

David Kurten wants to be Mayor of London. His Heritage Party claims that “In every abortion a human life is ended.” How ridiculous!

How can Mr Kurten and his heretical, hysterical, Heritage party call a clump of cells a human life?

The 200,000 abortions that our industry carries out in Britain each year have not cost a single human life. They have cost millions of pounds of taxpayers money. But that is a small price to pay for what is clearly healthcare for women.

We need to stop Kurten.  He has already served as a Greater London Assembly member, so  he knows the game.  He has proven himself as an extremely able politician, which makes him extremely dangerous to our industry.

As one leading abortionist said,  “Kurten for Mayor, could mean ‘curtains’ for abortionists in London.”

We need to abort the Kurten campaign NOW!