The Abortionist

Is 2 Years Really Enough?

Sophie Clamp

‘Rupa, Rupa, Rupa’, the cries and cheers of the baby-killing crowd rose up like incense to the great leaderene: Rupa Huck, seated on her Peacock Throne.

At a single gesture of her white-gloved hand, they fell silent, eagerly waiting for her words.

“My dear subjects, we will stamp out the anti-choice witness: we will arrest them as they offer help to women outside abortuaries and incarcerate them for 2 years.”

The delirious crowd punched the air with their fists screaming. “We will! We will!”

UK police arresting a wheelchair bound pro-lifer for breaching the abortuary buffer zone.

“Further offences and we will rip out their organs and sell them, we will use them for medical experiments and finally we will shred them in a giant suction machine.” the Hon. Supreme Leader explained.

The crowd went wild with joy, Rupa began to foam at the mouth, her arms flailed uncontrollably and she was quickly bundled from her throne by men in white coats, into an unmarked van.