The Abortionist

Alice in Abortionland

Lucy Forr

Alice sits down at the tea table with a rabbit, a mouse and a strange looking man in a top hat with a label on it saying: Mad Hatter Abortionist.

“Do you believe in choice?” he asks her.

“Of course I believe in choice!”, Alice replies.

“But do you believe in the right kind of choice?”, insists the Mad Hatter Abortionist.

“Please give me an example.” asks Alice.

“Well,…” the Mad Hatter Abortionist continues, “for example, if a woman chooses to take the abortion pill mifepristone to starve her baby of the necessary hormone progesterone in order to abort her baby, that is a choice, but if she then changes her mind and chooses to take the abortion reversal pill to save the life of her baby, that is oppression of women and dangerous and the doctor must be banned from medical practice.”

“That sounds mad to me!”, said Alice.

“Oh, I can’t help that. We’re all mad here at the BAAS (British Abortion Advisory Service) Clinic.”, the Mad Hatter Abortionist replied.