The Abortionist


Hiram Hitman

Starring Yoshihide Suga, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi and Joe Biden.

Gee whizz, the Magnificent G 7 ride again to liberate oppressed people; “to build back better” and make the world “fairer, greener and more prosperous” and to implement the demands of women’s rights advocacy groups engaged with the Gee 7 by expanding access to abortion globally:

Women’s Right Advocacy Group at the Gee 7 Summit

“So that every woman and adolescent girl has access to free, timely, non-judgemental and accessible sexual and reproductive health services”.

Nothing will prevent these brave and chivalrous leaders of men from ridding the world from the oppressive burden of unborn children. They have declared total war on the unborn, heeding the cry of women to “kill! kill! kill!” in the name of equality and fairness. Thank goodness for these selfless heroes.

Yeee Haaa!