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PRO-LIFERS CLAIM TOKYO OLYMPICS COOAs Ireland’s Minister for Health Dithers On “Exclusion Zones”.

Sonia De-Previty

Can you believe it!

Whilst Ireland’s Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD, dithers over plans to establish “exclusion zones” around Irish medical facilities performing abortions; pro-lifers are claiming reigning Olympic 100-meter hurdling champion, Brianna Rollins-McNeal, would have been defending her title in Tokyo this weekend (29 July – 2 August) with her baby cooing her on – if they had been allowed to counsel her.

Brianna Rollins-McNeal used her January 2020 abortion as an excuse for missing a mandatory drugs test. This created an anti-doping violation hurdle she just could not jump. Now she has no baby and is a no-show in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, pro-life geneticists have claimed that, with Ms Rollins-McNeal’s genes, the Olympics may well have also lost a champion (Brianna’s aborted child) for the 2040 games.

We are sure Brianna’s baby won’t be missed at these or any future Olympics, it was just one in 56 million, but Brianna will be sorely missed.

It is such a shame that abortion heroine Briana Rollins-McNeal will not be competing in Tokyo this weekend, but we will continue cheering her on regardless.