Found my church at last!

Dear Editor,

As an abortionist, I have been searching for a religion that wholeheartedly embraces my profession as necessary and laudable.

I didn’t expect to find one that actually uses abortion as part of its religious ritual but I am delighted to say that The Satanic Temple (TST) fulfills all these criteria and offers the aborted baby as a sacrifice to Satan in return for his favour.

The younger and more innocent the human sacrifice, the better Satan is pleased.

Please publish this letter so that more abortionists can join this satanic church and get involved. Thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Mo Loch

1 thought on “LETTER OF THE WEEK<Br>Found my church at last!<Br/>”

  1. Hi, dear Editor.

    Dr Mo Loch may not worry. All the abortionists, regardless of their awareness, intentions and motives, are on a register of champions of satan`s will.
    He who came to still, destroy and to kill( satan) has an exclusive right to posess/control souls of murderers of any kind , particularly of those who murder unborn children.

    No peace to abortionists, they are on a mission to reduce human polulation down to billion of rich and powerful elite.

    Mrs Hell Broke Loose.

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