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Afghanistan:LET’S LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!Marie Stopes International claim the Taliban are likely to allow more abortions.

Abe Orton

The new Taliban regime may be bad news for Afghanistan and the international community, but it great news for abortionists. Why?

Abortion in Afghanistan is legal when women are deemed too poor to raise a child. And guess what! The poverty judgment that allows abortions is left up to a religious council.

According to Farhad Javid, the Afganistan country director of Marie Stopes International (sorry, MSI Reproductive Choices UK) “councils in Taliban-controlled areas [which now means the whole of Afghanistan] are more likely to justify an abortion based on poverty.”

Farhad Javid (MSI Reproductive Choices UK)

Now that’s a result!

The lives of poor people are obviously of less worth than the lives of affluent people. So let the mass abortion of the unborn children (oops!, foetuses) of the poor in Afghanistan begin.