The Abortionist


Sonia De-Previty

Have you heard the one about…….?

The USA’s National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) are worried that they “aren’t meeting the moment” and they want to come up with some really cool and sexy ideas to “fill the virality gap” to promote abortion on demand on social media.

Their ads could be delivered in an “offbeat style” from a comedian says spokesperson Kimberley Peeler-Allen.

Celebrity comedian Michelle Wolf has some great ideas like adding abortion to a meal menu. Imagine the impact!

Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger £6.89
Old Fashioned Milkshake £4.29 (Regular)
D&E Abortions £5.99

It’s a great way to normalise abortion and embed it to your lifestyle.

“Abortion is as easy as pressing a button to watch ‘Paddington 2’ but less dangerous as that little guy could steal your heart.” says Michelle winsomely.

Come on, guys let’s hear it for NARAL and all abortion rights organisations.

Send in your ideas for sending abortion viral. You could win a voucher for an abortion and a free bottle of wine!