The Abortionist

ABORTION STORIES FOR CHILDREN:The latest revolution in book publishing.

Lucy Forr

Let’s make abortion stories fun for children and normalise abortion at the same time.

Maybe a Baby by Shawna Murphy is a brilliant story based on Shawna’s experience of telling her daughter about an abortion she had had and why.

I am so excited by this idea and here at The Abortionist, we have come up with some other story ideas based on our favourite children’s’ storybook characters, which we hope will inspire our readers to take up the pen:

The Wind in the Willows Abortion Clinic
Paddington Bear Shouts his Abortion
Tinkerbell Fights for Abortion against Wicked Captain Hook
Harry Potter and the Spell of Abortion

These are stories you will love to read to your kids at bedtime. So take up your pens, write an abortion story for kids and create the future clients to our abortion clinics at the same time.

We are giving away a free copy of my children’s abortion storybook Hooray! My Mum Killed Our Unborn Sister, to any reader who sends in a story.