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UBERBOYCOTT.COM Create Fighting Fund Against Texas Abortion Law: Pro-life publishing house calls for Uber boycott


Uber Technologies Inc. has pledged to pay legal fees for Uber drivers who are sued under Texas’ abortion law, which holds anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion after the heartbeat of an unborn child is detected, legally liable.

Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi has confirmed, via Twitter (Friday 3, September 2021), that Uber will cover 100% of legal fees for Uber drivers who break the Texas law.

T A Publishing Ltd, publishers of the pro-life satirical website www.TheAbortionist.com, is appealing to pro-lifers globally to boycott Uber until it rescinds the decision.  T A Publishing are launching their campaign through a new website www.UberBoycott.com.

Spokesman for T A Publishing, Rev George Hargreaves, commented, “This is a clear case of Uber attempting to undermine the new abortion law in Texas.  Pro-lifers have the right to choose alternative transport to Uber.  We are encouraging pro-lifers around the world to abort the Uber app, delete it from their phones and ride with companies that respect the law.”

Rev Hargreaves, who recently won a religious discrimination Employment Tribunal case in the UK,  added, “Uber needs to be very careful that they do not discriminate against pro-life drivers who break other laws in Texas, for example parking and speeding laws – Employment discrimination suits cost much much more than the $10k in the US.”

Reply to Uber CEO’s Tweet

One feature of the UberBoycott.com web site will be free advertising for Texas taxi firms that pledge to respect the new Texas abortion law.