The Abortionist


Ernest Lies

Abortionists in Texas heroically rose to the olympian challenge posed by the introduction of the new pro-life Texas Heart Beat Law.

At one abortuary, they asked themselves, “Can we kill 67 babies in the 17 hours before the Heart Beat Law comes into effect?”

Quoting abortionist President Obama, “YES WE CAN!” was the cry and the American ‘can do’ philosophy swung into action and the Texas Abortion Olympics began.

A frenzy of killing began, resulting in the annihilation of all 67 babies before the finish bell sounded. Apparently, no one was for the High Jump.

These guys deserved their gold medals. “It was a moment to savour.” said one abortuary workers.

Competitive events included: Fetal Head Crushing; 5mm, 10mm and 15mm Suction Evacuation; D&E Abortion Relay, Legal Hurdles and a new event – DIY Home Abortion.

Commenting on the BBC a doctor from north Texas said “Providing abortion care is actually the very heart of being Texan.”

It’s amazing what the human spirit can achieve when challenged! I am so proud of these guys.