The Abortionist


Sonia De-Previty

UK surgeons have been critized for amputating a women’s leg, whilst failing to remove a dangerous parasite growing in her belly.

When doctors discovered bone cancer in Kathleen Osborne’s left leg they also found that Ms Osbourne, 28, of Wisbech, England, had been infected by the fetus humanicus parasite.

Ms Osbourne’s leg was successfully amputated to stop the spread of the cancer, but the parasite was allowed to grow and worm itself out of Ms Osbourne’s body.

“My question is”, said a leading medical ethicist, “why on earth was Ms Osbourne not offered a ‘2 for the price 1’ deal that included an abortion? The abortion industry is dying. Abortionists need to make a killing at every opportunity. This was clearly unethical”

Abortionists we must do better! We know that having a baby (as fetus humanicus are often referred to) “costs an arm and a leg”. So why, oh why was Ms Osbourne given surgery, that only cost her a leg instead of a ‘Buy One Get On Free’ deal, which included an abortion?