The Abortionist


Hiram Hitman

Poor old Herod aka Brandon Lewis, he has really got his knickers in a twist.

He is damned if he doesn’t roll out abortion services province-wide in Northern Ireland as feminist groups and Mr Justice Colton snap at his heels and damned if he does as Stormont is resisting the implementation of the slaughter of the innocents saying it’s a devolved matter.

Poor, old Brandon Lewis, dealing with reactionaries like the DUP who still believe in God and the sanctity of life is uphill, brain numbing work and having to listen to the shrill screeches of outraged feminists is bad for blood pressure.

But, he better get cracking or else CEDAW, the Human Rights Commission for Northern Ireland and Stella Creasy will be demanding his head on a platter.

Poor old Herod, what a pity he can’t wash his hands of the whole matter.