The Abortionist

HIPPO! HIPPO! HOORAY!Legal personhood for hippos thwarts planned parenthood scheme

Abe Orton

Apparently, Hippos in Columbia are breeding like rabbits. However, thanks to US lawyers the Hippopotamus now has more legal rights than pre-born babies.

Hippos have been granted legal personhood and as a result a planned parenthood program for Hippopotami has been thwarted.

This is not good news for us abortionists.

Now that hippos have been granted legal personhood, ‘the elephant in the room’ is the argument that it would be hippocritical not to grant the same rights to unborn humans.

We have to use our hippoclampus and remember that the pro-lifers have big mouths and move in herds banging on about that Hippocrates oaf and his Hippocratic Oath.