Airline tickets from Texas to the Republic of Benin are selling like hot cakes after news that the tiny West African nation’s parliament voted, on Wednesday (20 October 2021), to legalise abortion in most circumstances.

“It like a gold rush.” said one Dallas abortionist before boarding a connecting flight to JFK. Another added “I’ve packed my favourite sopher clamp so I can get cracking the moment I arrive.”

The Exodus was triggered by the news from both the US Supreme Court (regarding the Texas Heartbeat Law) and the Republic of Benin (regarding its abortion breakthrough) arriving within hours of each other. Texas has seen hundreds of local abortionists heading for the rich pickings of the fertile African state.

Benin is one sixth of the size of Texas and has one third of Texas’ population; but, for abortionists, it’s the right kind of population – Black and poor.