The Abortionist

Urgent Message From the International Church of Abortion

Sonia De-Previty

Congregations of the International Church of Abortion (ICA) have been told to be vigilant by their international synod. A synod edict stated:

‘Be Vigilant! An evil virus is stalking the land stopping us from killing children. It’s called ‘anti-abortion activism’. The synod urge you all to:

  1. Report anti-abortion activism to the church wherever you meet it.
  2. Insist on segregation and punishment for those who are infected.
  3. Jab them with pro-child killing propaganda.
  4. Keep the abortion dollars rolling in so that we can continue living off the backs of our dead children .

The edict ended with the words “Our lifestyles depend on it. Thank you. Go out into all the world and kill children. Awomen!