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Welby to join March for Life UK for very first time

Ernest Lies

Pro-life Britons are delighted to hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby will be attending the March for Life in London tomorrow for the first time ever!

Yes, the highest ranking Bishop in the Church of England is breaking from his track record of silence and inactivity on the genocide of unborn children by accompanying tens of thousands of pro-life marchers as they make their way through central London tomorrow afternoon stating “10 million too many!”

It is expected that the Archbishop of Canterbury will stand out in his purple robes, supported by some of the most committed and satirically minded anti-abortion activists in the country. It is also predicted that he won’t even break sweat!

TheAbortionist.com’s Religious Correspondent, Lucy Forr, states “What is remarkable about Welby’s plan is he will attend the march, in its entirety, while simultaneously pursuing silence and his left wing policies elsewhere.”

Questioned on how this is possible Ms Forr explained, “This sort of multidimensional activism can be hard for non Guardian readers to understand. Allow me to use an analogy you might understand. In the same way the Archbishop offsets his carbon footprint while pursuing a busy international itinerary; at this march Welby via a stunning visual depiction, will be offsetting his abysmal track record on abortion and buffer zones, while simultaneously pursuing silence in the same area. It’s quite, simple just like the Church of England official statement on the matter”

If you see Welby on the March for Life do feel free to say “Hi!” Just don’t expect a response!