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Bournemouth Echo Chamber Plan Agreed By Council

Ernest Lies

Plans recently agreed by the BCP Council show blueprints to construct a huge chamber on the back of the Bournemouth Echo office on Richmond Hill. “We are incredibly excited about this development”, said a spokesperson for the local paper “The Bournemouth echo chamber will be used exclusively by all our staff to to push, ferment and and promote agendas we already agree on irrespective of evidence”.

One of the first projects to be developed in the chamber will be the question of pro-lifers activists outside the Orphir Road clinic. “When we sounded this out in an earlier version of our echo chamber we were delighted with the results. We found what was going on outside of this clinic wasn’t simply handing out leaflets and praying but harassment and intimidation. In our new chamber it’s highly likely we can develop this further into  accusations of violence, racial discrimination, graffiti and fly tipping all without ever leaving the office”.

The groups new chamber has been heavily criticised by pro-life activists, who are  being threatened with a buffer zone the size of 15 football pitches, thanks in part to The Echo’s biased reporting. They have called on the publication to report the facts without bias.

In response to these accusations the paper stated “We only accept criticism from within of the chamber.” Once the chamber is open they plan to add “chamber” to the end of their name.