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Laughing Policeman Could Face Discipline Over Cisman Banner

Sophie Clamp

A police sergeant seen laughing, as a small group of pro-abortion activists gathered in Parliament Square, may face disciplinary action according to an unnamed source.

A police officer, Sergeant Cannon-Holmes (pictured above), was seen laughing as a few dozen abortionists gathered in a failed attempt to disrupt a rally of thousands of Pro-Lifers who had marched to the Houses of Parliament, in Saturday’s March for Life, calling for an end to abortion in the UK;

According to an unnamed source, “The question has arisen as to whether the laughing policemen was laughing at the poster behind him. If so, then the sergeant clearly is not fit to serve in Britian’s 21st century police service. He should be either sacked or demoted and made to attend at least 2,000 hours of WOKE training and of course apologise to every cis man, cis woman and cis child on the planet. This was a banner making the very important point that if cis men* could get pregnant there would be drive through abortuaries.”

TheAbortioniat.com could find no record of the complaint at the Metropolitan Police Service or IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) offices.

However, a leading obstetrician claimed that, “Whilst abortion is not a laughing matter; if a ‘cis man’ did become pregnant ‘he’ would in fact be a she, regardless of what was written on her birth certificate, and it would be my hope and prayer that she would not abort her precious child.”

*Cis man (Cis men (pl.)) shorthand for “cisgender man,” is a non-trans man—a man whose assigned sex at birth is male, and whose gender identity aligns with that typically culturally associated with his sex. (Source: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cis+man)