The Abortionist

Miss Opal Prostol’s Abortionist Diary: Saturday, 3rd September 2022


Yes! It’s that time of the year again when the self-righteous pro-clumps of cells go on the march. Remember the old nursery rhyme:

The grand old March for Life
They have 10,000 bigots
They marched them up to Parliament
And they marched them down again.

I was there on Saturday mixing with a small crowd of pro-cell clumps who had crawled out of hobbit land to defend the indefensible: Yes you’ve guessed it! Saving ‘babies’ from abortion.

Luckily a huge crowd of enthusiastic, highly motivated, courageous pro-killing dead clumps of cells heroes (including fully vasectomised cismen) had gathered to drown out the disgusting ravings of the bigots who think all humans should have the right to life.

Thank goodness that’s over for another year.

Miss Opal Prostol