The Abortionist

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR:Birds Should Now Get Consent From The Sky Before Flying

Amanda Stopheart

Hey! Listen up, folks.  The Philosophy of Consent is supercool and a total game changer.

You know how, to date, we have taken it for granted that trees would bear fruit, sea creatures live in and off the oceans, hens lay eggs, animals reproduce etc.   

Well, get this!  The sea is throwing out its denizens, trees will no longer host fruits, animals are aborting their offspring because they  no longer consent to having the bother of growing or rearing or feeding them.

Ongoing, consensual consent is the Primary Right.  A host can get rid of any parasite that lives off it by refusing consent; from birds using the sky to fly in, to foetuses using wombs to survive in .

I ask you, ‘What’s not to like?’  And there is a brilliant business opportunity here:  No more animal abattoirs but new animal abortuaries where non-consenting animals can be rid of their pregnancies safely and compassionately – with consent of course!