The Abortionist

YOU WOULDN’T KNOW SHE’S AN ABORTIONIST AND RACIST ‘Kwasi Kwarteng, superficially he is a black man. If you hear him on the Today programme, you wouldn’t know he is black.’ Rupa Huq MP

Ernest Lies

Comrade Huq has been called an abortionist for her heroic campaign for up to 2 years jail time for Rosary wielding Christians who pray, within exclusion zones outside abortion clinics, for women seeking life ending health care. Now Rupa Huq has been called a racist.

Abortion and racism have long gone hand in surgical glove. Those unborn babies who are superficially or definitely black have historically been the most targeted by abortionists.

According to Dr I M De’ath (CEO of BBAS), those Pro-Lifers who insist on calling Rupa Huq a racist abortionist should listen to her at the Labour Party Conference. Dr De’ath noted, “If you heard Rupa Huq at the Labour Party Conference fringe meeting you wouldn’t know that she is both a racist and abortionist. Of course not!”