The Abortionist

Let’s Make Pro-Life Husbands Face ‘Marital Rape‘ Charges in India

Abe Orton

Don’t you just love India’s Supreme Court?! 

Not only has the Supreme Court of India extended abortion rights to all women, declaring abortion  a fundamental right; they have also said that a married woman’s forceful pregnancy can be considered “marital rape”. 

Hooray for the Indians!  Now let those cowboys in Texas get with the Pro-Choice programme.

In the meantime, here’s what you do my dear married Indian sisters: 

Whenever you sleep with your husband always say that you do not consent to sex that leads to pregnancy.  That way you can cry “Marital rape!” if you get pregnant; as you would have become (as far as Indian abortion law is concerned) “pregnant as a result of non-consensual sexual intercourse performed upon [you] by [your] husband”.  

What a great wheeze!  But do remember to have a tape recorder or a reliable witness at your bedside at all times.