The Abortionist

Dial M For Murder

Albert Itchkrul

Remember the old Hitchcock film ‘Dial M for Murder’?  Well now Jacinta Adern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, has just directed a remake called ’Dial F for Feticide and G for Gendercide’.

It is the story of a new scheme called ‘Decide’ whereby women can dial a number and abortion pills are then delivered to their door.  It’s so convenient: no doctors; no checks; no ultrasounds; no controls at all.  It’s a real thriller and the exciting denouement is a dead foetus.

The film is produced by Dr Spook formerly of MSI Reproductive Choices.  The film has had a huge success at the box office, especially with pimps and perverts.

To mark the film’s release movie goers can order their own supply of abortion pills by simply dialling 666 and choosing the option F for Feticide or G for Gendercide’.