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Archbishop Gets Lambeth Fudge For Christmas

Sophie Clamp

We have sent the Archbishop of Canterbury and all his Church of England Diocesan Bishops the sweetest Christmas present we could think of – Lambeth Fudge. It is sardonically satirical and delightfully satisfying; unlike the other version.

The following greeting was sent with the gift:

Dear Bishop, I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy this gift and please pray for and speak up and speak out for Isabel Vaughan-Spruce. In Christ’s love

To find out what else we said (inside the box) to inspire the Bishops to protect the unborn child, visit Amazon.co.uk and buy two packets of Lambeth Fudge – one for yourself and one for your local vicar.

For more information on the Lambeth Fudge campaign visit: www.whereswelby.com.