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Violent Manc Mob Insists ‘it’s on the right side of history!’

Salvebebe Dali

A violent mob of Manchester students, who verbally insulted, harassed, intimidated, stalked, and threatened a peaceful pro-life society, insists it was contributing to “a better society”.

“Sometimes, in order to get your point across, you need to make people fear for their lives,” said one attendee who wished to remain anonymous.

Mob organisers from the Society of Students for the Killing of Other Students Present and Future (SOSKOSPAF) said, “It’s not easy to maintain a violent frenzy for three hours, but we managed it! We chanted ‘shame on you’ over 14,000 times, along with a range of other threatening expletives and inaccurate but rhyming chants. We threw eggs, stalked, and, most importantly, we made people feel like they may not make it to lectures tomorrow. By every metric, this was a successful mob.”

Mob historian Jerome Jedakias said, “Violent mobs get bad press, especially in the right-wing media. But the fact is, violent mobs have repeatedly been behind history’s big events. Right back to the crucifixion, through to the Gordon Riots, or more recently, the redistribution of shoes on the Tottenham Court road, lawless uprisings, including their online equivalents, always affect positive change. The only exception to all this was the group who marched on Capitol Hill. That was beyond the pale!.”


According to an ITV report a students’ Union spokesperson said: “From a legal standpoint, it’s not possible to stop a society from affiliating for their legal views that are contrary to the views of other students. That means, despite concerns over student safety, the students’ union can’t block a society from forming because of their beliefs.”

Despite these threats and meagre reassurances from the Union the  Manchester pro-life society will continue to meet to defend the right to life of all, unborn baby and violent mobster alike.

The Abortionist salute you!