Marie Stopes’ Complaint to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service Aborts Dr Life’s Baby Project

The double-minded women who have been procuring off-licence progesterone from ‘Dr Life’ (aka Dr Dermot Kearney), the abortion reversalist, should know that abortion is healthcare not fashionwear.  You don’t just change your mind.  So congratulations to MSI Reproductive Choices (formerly Marie Stopes) for stopping Dr Life from continuing to prescribe progesterone to counteract the effects […]

Alice in Abortionland

Alice sits down at the tea table with a rabbit, a mouse and a strange looking man in a top hat with a label on it saying: Mad Hatter Abortionist. “Do you believe in choice?” he asks her. “Of course I believe in choice!”, Alice replies. “But do you believe in the right kind of […]