Poor old Herod aka Brandon Lewis, he has really got his knickers in a twist. He is damned if he doesn’t roll out abortion services province-wide in Northern Ireland as feminist groups and Mr Justice Colton snap at his heels and damned if he does as Stormont is resisting the implementation of the slaughter of […]

From the Editor’s desk:

The fundamentalist bishop of the International Church of Abortion, Diane Johnson, was unsuccessful in convincing her congregation that the gospel of unlimited abortion at any time, for any reason and in any place, is a progressive step. I am sure the bishop will not waver or hesitate, but will see it as her bounden duty […]

Anti-Choice Bigots Attempt to Traumatise Kids in Small Northern Irish Town

The town of Enniskillen didn’t know what was about to hit it, when, last Sunday night “two elderly men” erected a vile and abusive image opposite a primary school-of all places.  The image in question- TRIGGER WARNING- an unborn child!  Parents were spotted leaping in front of their children or gouging out their child’s eyes with a plastic […]