The Abortionist

Letter to the Editor: Buffer Zones


‘Hi, all you gorgeous people,

Isn’t it disgusting what those vile, unhinged, so called pro-lifers are doing outside our brilliant abortion clinics? They are praying , for heaven’s sake!!! Whatever next ? I ask you??
How can this be allowed in the 21st century? I ask you? It’s a disgrace! I mean, really, what has the country come to? Here are our selfless abortionists , absolute heroes working round the clock during a pandemic, killing babies (whoops, sorry, foetuses) that nobody wants, doing everyone a favour and cheap at the price. What on earth are people praying for? It is really beyond the pale, incomprehensible. Someone must put a stop to it . These people are obviously mad , bad or just plain stupid. I can’t get my head around it.
Yours in disbelief,

Ruthless Huck MP