The Abortionist

How the Pandemic has Revolutionised Dental Care

The introduction of DIY home abortions wasn’t the only medical procedure the Health Secretary temporarily approved at the start of lock down. He also approved of DIY dental surgery too. Albert Itchkrul finds out more: “DIY dental packs have literally been life saving” stated Karina Cavity, from the Dental Access Research Kit (DARK) “Rather than […]

EXCLUSIVE!Cordless Sid Hits The Buffers

Ealing Council celebrated another win for keeping anti-abortioners at bay last week, after a political party leader’s fight for the right to leaflet within the buffer zone surrounding the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Ealing was dismissed. Arrogant Sid Cordle MBE thought he was above the law because he is the leader of the Christian […]

Letter to the Editor: Buffer Zones

‘Hi, all you gorgeous people, Isn’t it disgusting what those vile, unhinged, so called pro-lifers are doing outside our brilliant abortion clinics? They are praying , for heaven’s sake!!! Whatever next ? I ask you??How can this be allowed in the 21st century? I ask you? It’s a disgrace! I mean, really, what has the […]

The St Valentine’s Day Massacre: ‘Better dead than Unwanted’

This Sunday we remember the killers , dressed up as doctors, who have each year targeted millions of unwanted foetuses and executed them. We know these were not real doctors as real doctors only terminate pregnancies. No one has yet been brought to trial and it remains one of the biggest unsolved crimes in history. […]

Outrage As South London Abortion Clinic Is Closed Down

There has been widespread outrage at the closure of the BPAS Leigham Lodge abortion clinic in Streatham, South London, the second-largest late-term abortion centre in the UK, after inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The great and charismatic leader of BAAS , Mrs A. Hitler , took to the airwaves yesterday , to deplore the […]