The Abortionist

The St Valentine’s Day Massacre: ‘Better dead than Unwanted’

Albert Itchkrul

This Sunday we remember the killers , dressed up as doctors, who have each year targeted millions of unwanted foetuses and executed them. We know these were not real doctors as real doctors only terminate pregnancies. No one has yet been brought to trial and it remains one of the biggest unsolved crimes in history.

So let’s raise a glass to this year’s Valentine Day Massacre! Despite Covid 19, or because of the pandemic, the projected genocide of unborn babies this Valentine’s Day, is estimated to be around 550 death in the UK.

Couples throughout the country will be making the romantic choice of killing the product of their lovemaking. One pregnant mother-not-to-be commented, “I love my baby to death! That is why I have chosen Valentine’s Day for my abortion. It so romantic.”

With lockdown causing traditional Valentine romantic restaurant dinners to be prohibited, couples are choosing to make a date with the abortion clinic instead. One young father noted, “At least we won’t be fined for leaving the house; it is a medical procedure, isn’t it?!”

BAAS (British Abortion Advisory Service) spokeswoman, Ally Capone, quipped, “No machine guns will be use on Valentine’s Day; after all, we’re abortionists not murdering gangsters.”