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Outrage As South London Abortion Clinic Is Closed Down

Sonia De-Previty

There has been widespread outrage at the closure of the BPAS Leigham Lodge abortion clinic in Streatham, South London, the second-largest late-term abortion centre in the UK, after inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The great and charismatic leader of BAAS , Mrs A. Hitler , took to the airwaves yesterday , to deplore the closure of the late term abortion clinic, affectionately known as ‘The Lodge ‘, due to failings in the service.

Mrs Hitler commented “ Ok , so the service wasn’t perfect. So what? They got the job done didn’t they? BPAS killed over 13,000 babies in utero , sorry I mean terminated pregnancies. They were treating women with a terrible to disease: pregnancy. “

Mrs Hitler went on to blame mixed messages from the government for the reported failings at Leigham Lodge. She noted, “In these dangerous circumstances you do what you can , don’t you ? And anyone can make mistakes. It’s all very well to point up 76 clinical incidents between April 2018 and April 2019 , I would have liked to see how the CQC would have managed if they had been in BPAS’s shoes.

I still have a dream that one day every abortion clinic will be exalted , the disease of pregnancy will be stamped out , abortion clinics will cover England’s green and pleasant land, I have a dream……..
That’s enough Ed.

Abortion campaigners have also claimed that it was “totally unfair of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to close the facility.”

Campaigner, Lizzy Borden, said, “Leigham Lodge was doing a fantastic job, especially given the fact that according to the CQC report, their staff were untrained and there equipment was faulty. They’ve done an incredible job. You try killing 13,114 unborn babies – I mean foetuses – in just two years, under those conditions. Leigham Lodge should have been given an Excellence Award for their great work.”  

CQC Summary BPAS Leigham Lodge
Care Quality Commission Report Summary

A spokesman for the pressure group Abortion’s OK UK (AOU) noted, “There was only two serious incidents, in the scheme of things, this is nothing. However, with only 13,114 pregnancies terminated, we must agree with the CQC that improvement in termination of pregnancies was required. We would have preferred to see 15-20,000 terminations abortions. 13,000 is simply not enough – they could have done better.”

The AOU congratulated the BPAS on the care given at Leigham Lodge, which scored a ‘Good’ rating from the CQC. The AOU spokesman said, “What marvelous testimonials Leigham Lodge received. One client even claimed that ‘the women were treated like complete animals, herded like sheep and spoke [sic] to like dogs’. Well done BPAS, we are proud of you.”

The BPAS were unavailable for comment.

Leigham Lodge was doing a fantastic job, especially given the fact that according to the CQC report, their staff were untrained and there equipment was faulty

Lizzy Borden