The Abortionist

Enrolling Now! Dr Mengele School of Fetal Research

Dr Mengele School of Fetal Research Places are available now  at this unique school of fetal healthcare. Courses: MA Human Vivisection PHD Harvesting Fetal Organs PHD Womb Transplants ( including for men)  MA Feticide PHD Methods of Abortion for Maximum Profit PHD Use of Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines Please apply in writing to: Dr Mengele […]

How Abortion CEO job description should have read.

BPAS Board of Trustees recently appointed Clair Murphy as their new CEO after advertising the role online.  Now the BAAS is also advertising for the role. The British Abortion Advisory Service (BAAS) has claimed that the BPAS job advertisement was “a bit soft”.  BAAS HR director, Rele Idontcare, said, “BAAS are offering greater clarity to potential applicants […]

Abortion is Beating Covid 19

Abortion is so far ahead of Covid 19 in its impact on human mortality that it would take 23 years for the virus to catch up, according to figures released by statisticians at Worldometers. The global statistical website claims that 42.7 million unborn lives were lost in 2020 during the ongoing worldwide abortion pandemic. By comparison, worldwide deaths from […]