The Abortionist

Abortion is Beating Covid 19

Albert Itchkrul

Abortion is so far ahead of Covid 19 in its impact on human mortality that it would take 23 years for the virus to catch up, according to figures released by statisticians at Worldometers. The global statistical website claims that 42.7 million unborn lives were lost in 2020 during the ongoing worldwide abortion pandemic. By comparison, worldwide deaths from the Covid 19 in 2020 were 1.8 million, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Abortionists in the UK expressed joy at Worldometers findings and vowed to work harder to achieve the 50 million gravestone in 2021.  A spokesman for The British Abortion Advisory Service (BAAS) said. “This is fantastic news! Figures relating to Covid 19 deaths are so ambiguous; whilst the abortion figures are far more precise. We are delighted to see abortion clearly acknowledged as maintaining its position ahead of Covid 19, especially among very very young people.”

Citing an Office of National Statistics (ONS) report that states “ of deaths registered in the UK in Week 4 [2021], 9,010 deaths involved COVID-19”; the BAAS spokesman challenged the ONS statement asking: “What does ‘involved’ mean? Just because a corpse tests positive for Covid 19, it does not mean that the person died of Covid; but with abortion we are positively certain about the cause of death.”

The number of abortions this week is expected to remain at the historical weekly average of 4,000. Abortionists are hysterical with joy at the projected figure.