The Abortionist

RUPA HUQ’S AMENDMENT TO POLICE BILL: 2 years in jail for not only crossing a line, but for sketching one!

Amanda Stopheart

Dear Editor,

RE: Is 2 Years Really Enough? (The Abortionist – Sophie Clamp May 21, 2021)

Readers of the abortionist will know our esteemed comrade, Dr Huq, has been working hard for years to place criminal restrictions on public land. Well finally, she is in sight of success.

Her new amendment to the police, crime and sentencing bills will not only ban anti-choice bigots from engaging in the grievous bodily harm of “sidewalk council”, information giving and most violent of all – “silent prayer” but will also ban “sketches”.

It is backed by a dream team of pro-women MP’s, and considering the violence these sketchers are perpetrating, the aptly named MP for Hammersmith, hAndy Slaughter.

We welcome our comrade’s foresight in seeking to ban such a corruptible practice on public land.

“The damage a 4H pencil sketch can do to a women seeking to access abortion is serious” stated one MP who supports the amendment, “add shading from a 6B, and you can inflict irreparable damage to women’s health”.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police Service stated: “Intending to sketch is one thing, but sketching with intent is quite another. London’s biggest problem isn’t knife crime, but ideological zealots with pencils. This is a matter of urgent concern for the MET and should be for all Londoners!”


Ms. Penny Saul