The Abortionist

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALLWho is the fairest of them all?

The Hollywood stars of course! What made them so fair? Embryonic tissue, skin, kidneys and male genitalia makes their skin as soft and pure as air. Yuck , that sounds really gross. Do not fear , it’s all neatly packaged as EFG, epidermal growth factor. Sandra Bullock thinks it’s great! So don’t knock it till […]

WHAT A CROCK!Pelosi’s visit fails to convince the Pope

Pope Francis has made a clear statement on abortion in the wake of a vist from Nancy Pelosi last weekend (Saturday, 9 October). Apparently His Holiness was not particularly bowled over by our Nancy’s views on abortion. Yesterday (Thursday, 14 October) Pope Francis encouraged a group of medical professionals at the Vatican to keep working […]