The Abortionist

THE LAW IS AN ASS!As Northern Ireland Secretary of State Brandon Lewis gets a slap on the wrist

Amanda Stopheart

We didn’t need a High Court Judge to tell us that “that between April 2020 and March 2021 the Secretary of State [Brandon Lewis] failed to comply with his duties under Section 9 of the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Act 2019 in that he failed to ensure expeditiously that the State provide women with access to high-quality abortion and post-abortion care in all public facilities in Northern Ireland.”

We knew that!

What we needed was Mr Justice Colton to grant the Judicial Review that our abortionist friends at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission sought against the Secretary of State, as well as the Northern Ireland Executive and the region’s Department of Health over their failure to commission and fund abortion services.

What we need is a Mr Lewis to set out a timetable for the provision of abortion services; not a statement of the obvious and a slap on the wrist!