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WHAT A CROCK!Pelosi’s visit fails to convince the Pope

Ernest Lies

Pope Francis has made a clear statement on abortion in the wake of a vist from Nancy Pelosi last weekend (Saturday, 9 October).

Apparently His Holiness was not particularly bowled over by our Nancy’s views on abortion.

Yesterday (Thursday, 14 October) Pope Francis encouraged a group of medical professionals at the Vatican to keep working to protect all human life, including unborn babies from abortion “homicide.

The Holy Father said “I have been very clear — [abortion] is homicide and it is not licit to become complicit,” (Did you note the rhyme? – ‘ilicit’, ‘complicit’. Very good Your Holiness!)

Ms Pelosi (Speaker of the US House of Representative) did, however, present Pope Francis (Speaker of the House of God) with a ceramic bowl.

Unconfirmed reports allege that during the presentation someone was heard to say “What a crock!”. It is unclear whether this was a reference to the bowl or to Ms Pelosi’s answer to a question regarding abortion. The Vatican has declined to comment.

Nancy P we were depending on you to bring the Pope into the abortionist fold. You have to do better!