The Abortionist

Baby Acid Baths: The Best Solution For Abortion Extirpation!


The sight of the tiny head, hands, feet, fingers and toes of an aborted foetus floating, legs akimbo with outstretched arms, in bloody bathwater or laying on a blood soaked sheet is not a big deal for most of us. 

However, it seems that there are some home abortionists for whom this sight causes some discomfiture. Help is at hand for these unreasonably hypersensitive, namby-pamby, squeamish delicates.  They can now melt away those post-abortion blues in a luxuriant baby acid bath.

ABAB, a new acid bath for the DIY home abortion market, is being launched after a highly courageous and innovative abortion doula told the Washington Post (18 October 2022) that she provides acid to enable women to “surreptitiously dispose of the [foetuses’] remains” after a home abortion.  Acid is used to “dissolve some of the foetus and bury whatever is left”, the doula explained.

The producers of ABAB have an illustrious 78 year history in sulphuric acid bath product supply.  “Gloves and masks are supplied so that home abortionist can safely bathe any number of foetuses all day long.” noted a spokesman for the John George Haigh Acid Bath Company.