The Living Dead To Give Birth

I am sure that those of us of a certain age can remember parents and nannies’ admonishment “Waste not, want not.” which is an admirable quality in anyone. This thrifty trait is now being enthusiastically extolled by none other than a prominent Norwegian ethicist Anna Smajdor, who can’t bear to see the bodies of brain […]

Archbishop Gets Lambeth Fudge For Christmas

We have sent the Archbishop of Canterbury and all his Church of England Diocesan Bishops the sweetest Christmas present we could think of – Lambeth Fudge. It is sardonically satirical and delightfully satisfying; unlike the other version. The following greeting was sent with the gift: Dear Bishop, I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a […]

28 September 2022:International Safe Abortion Dayor International Oxymoron Day?

What a cheek!  Pro-Lifers across the globe have re-named International Safe Abortion Day calling it ‘International Oxymoron Day’. How can the Pro-Lifers have simply ignored the 125,000 successful killings of unborn children that took place on 28 September?  All the children died safely.  So what’s the problem?  How dare those morons call safe abortion an […]

Laughing Policeman Could Face Discipline Over Cisman Banner

A police sergeant seen laughing, as a small group of pro-abortion activists gathered in Parliament Square, may face disciplinary action according to an unnamed source. A police officer, Sergeant Cannon-Holmes (pictured above), was seen laughing as a few dozen abortionists gathered in a failed attempt to disrupt a rally of thousands of Pro-Lifers who had […]


Have they gone mad in India?! Star Health and Allied Insurance company of New Delhi has agreed to insure the unborn child for birth defects and surgical problems during infancy. If this kind of pro-life insurance catches on worldwide it could stop millions of couples doing the right thing and opting to abort their congenitally […]


How could we let this happen?! Whatever happened to good old British reserve. Thousands of former foetuses took to the streets of central London (England) for the UK’s copy cat ‘March for Life’. Why have we allowed this American import onto British soil. If we tolerate this, the British pro-lifers will be importing Texas SB8 […]


As for the Texas ‘Heartbeat Law’ that came into effect on Wednesday, (1 september 2021) and has now been allowed to stand by the US Supreme Court: Don’t blame it on the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Don’t blame it on Senator Susan Collins. Don’t blame it on the sunshine! Don’t blame it […]


Wha! Wha! Wha! It’s not fair! I want my moolah! It sucks! We’ve been successfully killing babies in Africa and other places for years especially in places where they would rather keep their babies (naughty, naughty!). OK, so we give ourselves a little perk now and then, embezzling a little cash, a bit of rumpty […]

Prime Cuts

Traditional family butchers, B. Pas and Sons, have opened a new shop and abbatoir in Clapham. Their original outlet in Streatham was closed down due to the animals being treated like humans.

“I wouldn’t bank on it, Mr Vujicic!”

Would you credit it! Nick Vujicic is planning to open a Pro-life bank. The limbless Pro-Life motivational speaker claims that his former bank froze his credit and debit cards because of his pro-life views. So now, Nick Vujicic plans to start his own bank. Good luck with that Nick! My son (who I obviously did […]